April 12, 2013Spring Training

The time has come to leave the winter weather in the rear view and take to the field!  It seems that somehow we have successfully made it through yet another winter and good on us for our collective perseverance. There are those out there who might say we’re better for having toughed out the cold weather in order to truly appreciate the rising sun, but I’m not going to split hairs over technicalities. Just turn on the BBQ and kick out the jams!

Ok, maybe the weather is not quite there yet, but it will be soon enough and it’s time to wake up from sonic hibernation and begin to tune in and turn it up! There are so many new bands to check out, go see and sing along to this season. And let’s also keep in mind that the bands you already know and love are about to announce summer tour plans. Things are about to really happen out there and you want to be prepared. 

Getting yourself ready for music season requires real dedication and commitment.  Essentially, you have just arrived at Spring training; it’s still a bit too cool so let’s begin with a warm up:

1.       Watch Sound City featuring Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana) and be sure to air drum where applicable.  

2.       Re-watch It might get loud (Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page) and yes, air guitar required.

3.       Every time you hear a Rush track anywhere, commit to a few bars on that really high air bass like you mean it! You warmed up on the kit with Sound City, so take a drum fill. You got this!

4.       Check out these line ups: 

5.       *Get the Ticket Master and Songkick app for your mobile device and clear your weekends. Trust me; your friends will thank you.

So basically, you play every air instrument like a star and you are now ready to ROCK N’ROLL, Hoochie Koo!  From this point forward continue to train diligently by referring to this blog and noting specific establishments where RX Music curates magical soundscapes. Suggest appropriate locations to gather with your pals again, they will thank you.  You may now move into the exhilarating role of tour manager, galloping out on the plains, to what may one day be known as the great patio season of 2013.

I predict that by May 24th, you will be at the top of your game, provided you stick to your training. If you combine this diligence with your commitment to Rock and then add the right group of Weekend Warriors, Friday Night Bandits and Salty Sailors, it will be crystal clear that it’s time to map out the great escape of the summer. “Destination a little up the road from the habitations and the towns we know…”.  Hello, highly anticipated festival season!