August 9, 2013RX Music featured in Macleans Magazine

RX Music featured in Macleans Magazine

RX Music is delighted to be featured in a sweet article about our industry, and what we do!

Here’s an excerpt:

“Some of L.A.’s hottest DJs work for a firm from Concord, Ont.,…

… if Asia is the geographic frontier, the technological frontier is interactivity. Some clients want to have their managers and employees change the programs on the fly. Mood is able to accommodate them, but not as eagerly as a much smaller Canadian ambient-music firm, also located in Concord, called PCM Technologies. PCM will loudly play melodious, classic jazz singing—the likes of Cleo Laine and Lambert, Hendricks & Ross—for your corner strip plaza, to attract middle-aged customers (and possibly scatter teenaged hangers-around). It also has proprietary interactive software systems it provides for customers, among them, the Keg steakhouse chain in Canada. If a manager of a Keg in Calgary hears a “blip in a song” at 4:54 p.m., she can send a message to PCM’s office in Concord, where on-call technicians can remove the song remotely and replace it with a clean version. “At any given time,” says Gina Rizhanovsky, president and CEO of PCM, “I can tell you what music is playing at a particular Keg in B.C., and what played there 10 minutes ago.” PCM also specializes in “multi-zones,” special speaker boxes capable of creating up to 54 different non-interfering zones of different music in the same store: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata in frozen foods, say, and the Rolling Stones in soft drinks.”

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