June 14, 2011runtriz Brings Right Vibe to Guests Via Partnership with Prescriptive Music

runtriz teams with the nation’s leading music branding company to customize hotel music to build customer loyalty and brand differentiation; Custom music app now available as a hotel service or amenity on the runtriz mobile platform; Visit Booth 1835 at HITEC

Los Angeles – Tired of playing elevator music poolside during happy hour? Just think how your customers feel! Today, thanks to a new partnership between runtriz™ and Prescriptive Music® , hotel guests and local patrons can feel the right vibe each property is trying to promote by customizing a music mix for each area of the hotel and making it available via an app on the runtriz™ mobile platform.

“Music is a great incentive to get guests to download your hotel app, especially when they want to experience the vibe your hotel is emitting before, during and after their stay,” said Allen Klevens, Founder and CEO of Prescriptive Music®, the hospitality industry’s leading music branding and consulting company. “Through this partnership, we are providing true connectivity between guests and the brand. Music carries the essence of each brand with the traveler. There is no better way to put a guest in the right mood to experience your hotel or remind him or her of a past stay than through music. Now travelers can relive their hotel experiences — a romantic dinner in your restaurant, a night of salsa dancing in your club, a tranquil treatment in your spa — by simply streaming the brand or property music.”

Prescriptive Music®, an approved music supplier for Avendra (the hospitality industry’s largest procurement services company), has helped to pioneer the increasingly-popular use of “sensory branding” that leverages the emotional and powerful effect of customized music to build customer loyalty and brand differentiation. runtriz™ uses mobile, location-based technology to deliver a hotel’s services and amenities to travelers on demand in up to 57 languages.

“Prescriptive Music® works with major hotels, restaurants, spas and retailers to develop personalized music branding playlists that help them attract and retain customers,” said Matthew Allard, runtriz™ Founder and CEO. “Likewise runtriz™ enables hotels to deliver their brand’s products and services to leverage emotions that trigger the desire to learn more, buy more and experience more of the property. Together, by customizing a hotel’s music program and making it available on the hotel app via runtriz™, we are helping our customers connect with their customers on a meaningful and enduring level.

“Because music is an integral element in the success of a hotel restaurant, lounge, spa, pool outlet, club house or other venue, customizing the right mix of music is a great way to attract different types of customers,” he said. “The problem is, not all hotels provide the right type of music that will get their guests to stay longer in each environment. Prescriptive Music® will work with each hotel to customize the right vibe for each department. In turn, runtriz™ will deliver that music via the hotel’s app to the guest to further reinforce the Vibe even before the guest first arrives at the hotel.”

According to Allard, SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, a Luxury Collection Hotel; the Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel; The Redbury @ Hollywood and Vine; and select Marriott International properties will be among the first runtriz™ customers to add Prescriptive Music® to their hotel apps through this service.

“Whether onsite or off property, hotel guests can use runtriz™ to communicate with the hotel from their mobile device to order room service, view a list of local attractions, order food and drinks poolside, set wake-up calls, request luggage pick-up, check the weather, view spa services, find out where to eat, view local golf courses, request towels, toiletries, transportation and more,” Allard said. “Today, through Prescriptive Music® and runtriz™, they can also download a hotel’s music to enhance their experience again and again.”

HITEC attendees are encouraged to stop by the runtriz™ Booth No. 1835 to experience Prescriptive Music®. To pre-schedule an appointment at the premier hotel technology event, call Chad Fisher at 323. 230. 9727      .

For more information on the products and services runtriz™ offers, please visit its website at www.runtriz.com.

About runtriz™ | runtriz™ is the premier Los Angeles-based global hospitality network specializing in mobile solutions for innovative hospitality brands. The firm has developed cutting edge interactive applications that allow their partners to provide customers with unparalleled service. The brand’s portfolio of services, including the highly lauded Hotel Evolution application, puts consumers back at the center of the value proposition by placing retail, hospitality and residential services in the palm of their hands. For more information, visit runtriz.com
About Prescriptive Music® | Prescriptive Music® is one of the nation’s leading music branding and consulting companies. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company has helped pioneer the increasingly-popular use of „sensory branding‟ – leveraging the emotional and powerful effect of customized music to build customer loyalty and brand differentiation. Prescriptive Music® works with major hotels, restaurants, spas and retailers to develop personalized music branding that help them attract and retain customers. Through innovative private label CDs, a state-of-the-art background music service, and music consulting; the company connects brands with consumers on a meaningful and enduring level. Prescriptive Music® has been called upon by some of the most well known hospitality industry leaders, including: Marriott, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental Hotels, Harrah