July 6, 2011Picking the Right Custom Background Music for your Business

Background music is a key element to the success of any restaurant, hotel, spa, or business, but often times, clients and their customers do not realize how the music is chosen or why it’s being played.

At Prescriptive Music, we pride ourselves on our unique and personal background music process. This process is designed to easily and effectively create the perfect playlists for day or night, bar or spa, family establishment or nightlife hotspot.

The first step is pairing clients with a music programmer, based on their skills and knowledge base, as well as their music style expertise.  The programmer helps the client make the idea of what they want their business to sound like come to fruition. Clients then talk with their programmer about what vibe they want to create for their business. Whether a client knows a lot or a little about music, the programmers are ready to help guide the client in finding the right tracks for their establishment.

The process begins with a set of questions: what is the business’s style and goal? What do they want their establishment to be? What is the vibe they would like to create?

After the programmer and client establish the desired vibe, they throw out music styles that fit the vibe, the clientele, the area, and the business style.

Location, environment, clients, business type, and service also play a factor in what tracks are selected: a boutique hotel in a urban center would have a different playlist than a traditional, larger hotel in a more secluded area.

The programmer then makes a sample playlist of tracks, if the client requests one. After tracks have been decided on, playlists are made, they are sent out to the systems.

Generally, there are about 250 to 300 tracks per playlist and three or four playlists per zone.  Playlists are completely custom and can change at any time – if the client wants more relaxing music for their lunch crowd, or more world music during their evening hours, the playlist can be easily updated any number of times.

In addition, playlists change throughout the day. Businesses can have specialized playlists for morning, midday, evening, and night, or different playlists for lunch crowds and dinner crowds. Client’s have full control over how the system works, so they can choose what plays when or they can let the system play itself.

Prescriptive Music also specializes in custom background music. Custom music sets businesses apart and create a distinct brand for the business. They allow clients to know exactly where they are when they walk into an establishment.

Prescriptive Music’s systems are unique in that they are not just tracks on repeat. The multiple playlists work in that one playlist shuffles and plays, then when the time of day changes, the playlist stops at the song its currently on and switches to the next playlist. The next day, the first playlist will pick up where it left off, and once it finishes, it re-shuffles.

Even businesses with multiple locations can choose to use the same playlists at each location, or design several ones that have nuances that appeal to the distinct and different crowds at each location, but are still on the similar theme that runs through the business.


What sets Prescriptive Music apart is the approach to background music. We create playlists that focus on quality over quantity; instead of having 1,000 tracks of decent music that somewhat relate to the vibe, playlists have 400 tracks of really great music that match the vibe and theme.

Prescriptive Music also focuses on strong customer service: programmers take the time to know and understand their client’s vibe and business goals, creating a unique client-programmer relationship that help create the right vibe for a business.