January 9, 2010One&Only Palmilla launches Music Download Store

The latest “Secret Weapon” to branding your hotel property is with your own custom Private Label Music Download Store.  The One&Only Palmilla worked closely with Prescriptive Music to develop a program that allows guests to go online and download music that they are listening to while at the resort.  A guest will receive a download card that has a link directing them to the home page of oneandonlyresorts.com/palmilla. This drives more traffic to the website from guests that might not have gone to prior.  Once there, the guest can click on the music tab to enter the download store.  After the guest downloads the music of their choice, whether from the spa, Aqua or Market, he or she can take the MP3’s and put them on their computer or other playback devices.  They will always be reminded of their stay every time the music tracks are played.   Next time you visit, make sure you ask for a download card so that you can take advantage of this great music offer!

store-screenshots-2 store-screenshots-3 store-screenshots-4