October 3, 2011Mercato di Vetro, your italian affair

Mercato di Vetro, sbe’s latest Santa Monica Italian eatery and bar, exceeds expectations with its small plates with big flavors and a playlist by Prescriptive Music. The approachable, social and interactive environment is modern meets traditional, with an open Tuscan kitchen, an authentic, market-feel cheese bar and meat counter that span throughout its two levels, all connected by a floor-to-ceiling wine rack. Prescriptive Music captalized on this fusion of classic Italy and modern edge with an edgy, cool hipster playlist, featuring high energy, upbeat, fast tempo bands like Night mixed in with a little bit of light Italian flavor variables. Fun, indie rock, electronic singles leave a long lasting musical appeal.

The rustic, theater-like restaurant was very much inspired by the film 1960 La Dolce Vita, a comedy-drama film by visionary Italian director Federico Fellini. Taking old Italian film clips, sbe launched its own stylish video, An Italian Affair. With a cigar lounge and  iPad/iPhone integration, and sbe’s award-winning service, Mercato di Vetro is the latest sbe and Prescriptive Music partnership to check out in L.A.