June 22, 2010Katsuya’s New Music Vibe

Katsuya Uechi has been the reigning sushi king in Los Angeles for years.  Katsuya teamed up with SBE, the most exciting entertainment group in Southern California to open multiple outposts of the famous Katsuya.  Designer Phillippe Starck has designed stunning spaces to showcase the artful dishes being served,

while Prescriptive Music has deemed the premiere choice to create the environment for these Los Angeles hot spots.

Prescriptive Music was tasked with creating environments for the 4 Katsuya outposts:  Hollywood, Brentwood, LA Live and Glendale.  Each presented its own set of demographics and therefore their own playlists. To satisfy the discerning ears of the young starlets the paparazzi camp out to catch a glimpse of we programmed up tempo, cutting edge electro rock with a bit of nostalgia mixed in.  At the Brentwood location we mixed it up a bit by throwing in some remixes of such artists as Sly and The Family Stone to give it a bit more cosmopolitan feel.  The LA Live location has such a wide demographic that we placed fun, up tempo recognizable hits such as Lady Gaga remixes with some electronica mixed in for good measure.  The Glendale location is a bit more family friendly and the music is more of an accompaniment so we play a bit more family friendly chill.

Prescriptive Music has risen to the challenge and created the environments for each of these locations and the demographics each brought to the table.  Speaking of table, don’t forget to try the seared yellowtail or wagyu tenderloin and tender rice balls over a 1,700 degree Japanese-style robata grill.