July 11, 2011FishBar in Manhattan Beach Catches an Energetic Vibe

FishBar in Manhattan Beach Catches an Energetic Vibe

Prescriptive Music joins forces with FiSHBAR, a seafood restaurant in Manhattan Beach, to serve up a catchy vibe that compliments the fantastic seafood and picturesque setting. Located on the beach, FiSHBAR specializes in high-quality meals for lunch and dinner and creative cocktails, all for a reasonable price that can’t be beat. Perfect for going out with family or friends, FiSHBAR’s delicious and affordable food paired with Prescriptive Music’s custom blend of tracks provide the ideal spot for a great time.

Stop by for lunch to hear laid-back beach pop like Jack Johnson, reggae favorites like Bob Marley, and adult contemporary pop like Maroon 5 and Dave Matthews Band while chowing down on the stellar New England clam chowder at $3 a cup. Come back for dinner to try the Mahi Mahi, Baja fish tacos, or Alaskan King crab legs as indie rock and electro play. The hip late night vibe is complemented by Robyn, David Guetta, and dance house remixes of Top 40 favorites. The fresh baked sourdough bread served all day is also a knock-out!