August 13, 2014Enjoy the music at Hyde Sunset

In its continued partnership with nightlife giants SBE, Prescriptive Music has developed the musical vibe for one of SBE’s latest installments: Hyde Sunset. Located on the iconic Sunset strip, Hyde Sunset represents an evolution in cuisine and nightlife as West Hollywood’s latest hospitality experience. 10313777_773298209360637_3604824817949403994_nPairing food and nightlife together in an elegant package, Hyde Sunset offers a one stop shop for the entire evening. From the fresh seasonal cuisine by head chef Chris Cary (Top Chef Season 9), to the craft signature cocktails, Hyde Sunset has become a favorite. While it maintains a sophisticated vibe and manner, it also provides a warm ambiance that is sure to charm your senses.

Hyde Sunset is ideal for after work drinks, a decadent dinner, that perfect date night, or simply a night out on the town. From the wallpaper to the food to the music, every aspect of Hyde Sunset has been crafted with care to deliver to Los Angeles a true one stop shop that will make any night a night to remember.