September 4, 2014Come see us at the Global Gaming Expo 2014 – Booth 3614

MUSICbox Show Special 

Sign up for a MUSICbox and get the 1st month of service free plus 50% off of MUSICbox hardware

MUSICbox is a music and messaging delivery system that allows you to augment the ambiance, appropriate for your brand, by using the media as an avenue to appeal to your patrons. It is no secret that people want to be tantalized through all their senses. One of the most important ways a service provider can appeal to their patrons is through their sense of sound. MUSICbox is undoubtedly the most versatile product on the market that will not only give you control over your business background music, but also flexibility in customizing the auditory ambiance, with a sound exclusive to your brand.

e-MUSICbox Show Special

Sign up for an e-MUSICbox and get $250 off of the initial set-up

e-MUSICbox is an electronically delivered, eco-friendly music player. While competing music service providers all rely on a piece of hardware (satellite dish, receiver, player, etc.) that can malfunction, the e-MUSICbox is a downloadable business music player that plays the music directly from your PC, not only eliminating the need for any equipment, but also reducing the carbon footprint for your business in the process. With e-MUSICbox there is nothing to ship, no Styrofoam inserts, and no cardboard boxes to throw away. e-MUSICbox software installs directly on your existing computer; it’s that simple.


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