Importance of Music


Music tells your story

Music tells the story of Marriott’s brand, connecting every element of a guest’s journey. It is the common thread that weaves every unique space together in harmony and it is the easiest and most effective way to change the feel and vibe of any atmosphere.

71% of consumers say that background music creates a better atmosphere.

Music and Marriott

For more than a decade, RX Music has partnered with Marriott to create a branded sonic identity, deployed across hundreds of locations worldwide.

21% of guests say they’d recommend a business if the music is right.

Music is a financial motivator

The right music creates a feeling of welcome, encouraging a longer stay, dinner in, or drinks at the hotel bar. It can excite, calm or soothe the visitor and make them feel important. Carefully curated music creates a bond, a sense of satisfaction, belonging and a reason to return, at every touchpoint.

24% of consumers are likely to buy a product when music they like is played.

Music encourages loyalty

From check-in to check-out, music creates an instant impact, tying all elements of design together. The right music speaks and connects to guests in a voice they understand and instills in them a sense of loyalty to Marriott.

68% of business owners believe music encourages repeat business.

Music is unique

Every Marriott Hotel is unique. Every bespoke music program has followed RX Music’s critical path to definition.

  • Conception: Full consultation; Pairing a consultant with the project.
  • Development: Curating the music; Playlist design and daypart scheduling.
  • Execution: Building, deploying and installing MUSICbox and accompanying software support.
  • Evolution: Ongoing tailoring of music to reflect Marriott’s brand growth and change; 24-7 support; and a dedicated teammate at the end of every phone call, ready for what may come.

81% of consumers say that hearing music in a commercial space lifts their spirits.

Developing music that suits the varied moods and needs of every Marriott guest requires attention to every detail of the experience. Attending to and understanding all the moods and needs of a Marriott visitor is what makes RX Music as innovative as the music they curate.