Our Branding Journey

Why don’t you come with us my friend, on a magic carpet ride.

“Two become one”

– Spice Girls, 2 Become 1


Joining Forces

RX Music is the product of two companies — and their respective brands — joining forces to create something greater than the sum of its parts, through hard work and little luck from the universe.

The result

The result: a consultancy creating distinctive experiences for brands through a symphony for the senses; an inspired use of sound, sight, and smell. We add science to the delivery of art to make people feel connected to their work, to a brand, and to the places where they spend their time and money. Music brings humanity to every facet of our lives, and we are privileged to have a hand in the process.

Extending reach and capabilities

Our company had grown, and continues to extend its reach and capabilities, bringing impeccable and strategic service to an ever-expanding global clientele across the retail and service industries.


We were intimately acquainted with the process of channeling brand identity through the senses. But we were still searching for branding that reflected the scope of our identity, and our dually scientific and artistic approach to music. It was a tall order — could a company working in brand experiences entrust their identity to another? To achieve our vision we sought the branding agency Pixel Dreams, and are now thrilled to share the results with you.

“Don’t you think I’m so sexy, I’m dressed so fresh so clean”

– Outkast, So Fresh, So Clean

Our new identity

Our new identity as RX Music speaks to our heritage as Prescriptive Music and PCMusic, and our enduring understanding of signature sound as a prescription for customer connections. Rooted the Latin term for ‘recipe’ and related to the verb ‘to take’, RX conveyed the distinctly curatorial and bespoke nature of our services with only two memorable letters.

Our new identity amplifies our position as a world-class consultancy. In serving a global clientele we work with a growing and equally varied range of experience-driven brands, from international luxury hotels to experimental pop-up shops. This range is shared by music: its many styles, and the infinite number of emotions it can evoke. Our branding resonates across these spectrums. It also embodies our core belief in music’s ability to connect in a manner that quantifiably strengthens brands.

“Where it began, I can’t begin to knowing,
But then I know it’s growing strong.”

– Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline


Our rebranding journey was never linear. Its twists and turns required us to ask and answer difficult questions about our company, ourselves, and the value we bring to our clients. We had to look back to where we started, and forward to where we wanted to be through the following exercises:

  • Discovery questionnaires: Learning about ourselves and our brand, from our proudest achievements to our favourite food.
  • Brand audit: Using what we know — and what we learned — to define our DNA.
  • Brand strategy: Charting a direction unique to our brand, and its opportunities and challenges.
  • Brand communication: Gaining impactful brand assets, including business systems, marketing materials, and a dynamic and responsive website.

The discoveries made through these exercises were often surprising, and always interesting. They formed the foundation of a new identity — complete with a new name, logo and visual program — that stayed faithful to what made us, and captures the potential of what is still to be created.

Our logo

The transcendent ability of music to forge connection is at the core of our work. It only made sense that it would form the core of our logo. As an artistic medium, music connects hearts. Scientifically applied, it connects minds — between one person and another, between many people and a brand.

The mirrored composition of the logo embodies this duality. When connected, the lines of our logo form the letters of our company’s new name: R, X, and M. Music is infinite — as are the lengths we’ll go to in delivering you the finest bespoke service. Both of these concepts can be seen in our logo, which simultaneously appropriates the form of the infinity symbol and the bowtie.

Reflected, refracted, absorbed

Music fills spaces, both emotionally and scientifically. It animates physical structures with feeling and complements the experiences that take place within them. Music is also absorbed and refracted as sound waves interact with those structures. We needed to capture these dynamic properties in a format that could be printed on a page. While our icon is represented as two-dimensional, its lines explode into the three-dimensional realm in which the depth of music and our services exist.


Black and white: A timeless combination capable of adapting to changing times.

Our primary palette of Bold Black and Pure White is a timeless expression of two extremes, an ever-dynamic frame in which the spectrum of music can be expressed. On their own, Bold Black and Pure White represent our company. In editorial and cultural content, this palette is capable of accommodating virtually any accent colour to channel any mood, artist, or musical style.


Just as pitch, tempo, and timbre differentiate musical styles, evocative imagery creates a statement and sets a tone against a Bold Black and Pure White canvas.

The lines of the logo are magnified and abstracted to create a strong background motif.


Vintage anatomical etchings represent both the human elements in music, and the scientific capability of it. Magnified to form a textured background they subtly evoke nostalgia — a sense associated with music’s ability to bring back memories.

“Fly me to the moon.”

– Frank Sinatra, Fly Me To The Moon


We look towards the future with excitement and the desire to strike a chord with an even larger global audience through our rebranding. To learn how we can create a symphony for the senses unique to your experience-driven brand, visit RXMusic.com.