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Michael Primiani

August 10, 2021

Welcome to RXCOMMENDS, where our team of music curators pick the best tracks released this week. What new music has been occupying our office playlist and what fresh picks are we programming for our clients? Find out below!



“One More Dance” – ADO & Juls
By: Lindsay Bell

“One More Dance” feels like you are driving through a dimly lit tunnel through the cityscape. The destination is unknown, but with vibes like this, you could keep driving forever. ADO & Juls are masters of cool on this breezy lounge track. It’s the kind of music found in the slow and rainy dance scene on a summer terrace when you lock eyes with your soul mate across the floor. The air is hot with possibilities and the mood is right, courtesy of this dreamy tune!



“Cold Blooded” – Foxing
By: Ben Birchard

The St. Louis three-piece rock band Foxing are back with their fourth album Draw Down The Moon and they are aiming pretty big. In fact – on “Cold Blooded”, everything feels big. Big chunky guitars with big fuzz; big sing along chorus; big vocals shifting lanes back and forth between scream-singing and falsetto; and big, bus driving, fill-every-four-bars drumming. This is a song Rivers Cuomo might write if he’d ever give the spreadsheets a break and just put pen to paper. Since that seems unlikely, queue this album up and let it get loud. If your bar plays legit rock, and thinks banjos and hand claps are for the birds, this is your jam.



“Nova” – Justin Nozuka
By: Michael Primiani

Justin Nozuka’s blissful falsetto glides over a deep lo-fi instrumental in this sultry yet sweet R&B ballad. Chunky percussion and silky smooth chords accent this track best suited under low light and served with a cocktail or craft sour. For our hotel, lounge, bars open late and snack bars a la carte that have R&B across their program, this is a knockout. “Nova” is a night life anthem we can’t wait to hear on site.




“An Emptiness Supreme (Reimagined)” – Yea Big, Disorganizer & Will Butler
By: Matt Lipson

Yea Big and Disorganizer have teamed up with Will Butler on this wonderfully scattered electronic jazz track, “An Emptiness Supreme (Reimagined)”. Butler’s delivery is always so genuine and evocative, and this track is no different. Muted natural harmonics and whispered sax steadily raise the tension with Butler’s vocal adding an air of melancholy. The song’s message is sort of despairing, with lyrics like “it’s a beautiful car / can you strip off the skin / can you melt it down to where it begins / to the rivers of fire under your feet” evoking the paranoia and anxiety of modern life like a Talking Heads track. It’s perfectly cerebral and refreshingly offbeat.




“Silver and Gold (Feat. Sam Fischer & Pink Sweat$)” – Yung Bae
By: Michael Primiani

Not to worry! You have not been invited to a hoaky Christmas in July party. You do not have to dig the Christmas sweater out of the attic and start baking with the anachronistic flavors of gingerbread and peppermint. This is not a remix of Burl Ives singing from those Rankin/Bass stop motion Christmas specials from the 1960s (however, hey Yung Bae, you have 4 months to hop on that). This is a pop R&B disco mashup featuring the signature disco horns meets skipping trap beats of Yung Bae. Sam Fischer lays on a poppy verse while Pink Sweat$ lays on some stellar soul vocals. A sweet summer soul R&B jam. Seeing the title of this but then pressing play is like waking up on a Saturday morning in a haze thinking you have school or work to get to but then realizing what day it is. “You have to want it, more than silver and gold” – if this lyric is about our summer weather, patios and pool parties – then – yes, we do. Way more than Rudolph on TV! Hold the Rankin, keep the Bass.




You can listen to the tracks we mentioned along with other songs our team has been enjoying this week in the Spotify playlist below: