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For when you’re feeling social


Laura MacInnes-Rae

May 27, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I miss standing side by side in a sweaty throng of strangers to watch bands, DJs, artists and my friends, play music. A world without live music would be my idea of a worst nightmare and I’m not the only one. Amidst a pandemic, the music business was thrust into a volatile game of adapt or die. If there’s anything we’vbeen learning, it’s how to make the best of a situation. Music is a universal force, so in a time when being together was rendered taboo, many artists and music industry personnel have been hard at work on new and innovative ways we can engage in live music. 

I virtually interviewed several key players in the music industry to hear their sides of the story and how they’ve been rising to the challenge. Our conversations outline some of the innovative ways we’ve been using music and technology to create, support and ultimately connect. What’s driving artists to create right now and what’s next for the future of live music? 

Join me in my talks with longtime broadcaster Alan Cross (The Ongoing History of New Music), Nick Waterhouse (musician/producer), Amanda McCauley (Publicist at Indoor Recess Public Relations), Mark Marczyk (Founder of URGNT online music venue and COVID artist relief and Lemon Bucket Orkestra)Lizzy Clarke (vocal coach/music educator), DJ Starting from Scratch and Danny Reiner (Director of ArtistsCan).