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Sarah Nazim

January 22, 2018

Canadian indie artist TOBi melds soul an rap to form his distinct sound. Having moved to Canada at age nine from Nigeria, he explains in his bio that he resorted to music as a therapeutic outlet:

I did not feel safe and always felt like I did not belong anywhere. The only place to find peace was in my rhyme books, which I’ve kept to this day. Isolation and brewing issues lead to a bout with depression and anxiety in my teenage years.

Music gave me wings throughout this process and my love for all forms of life blossomed as I completed an undergraduate degree in biology. Now, I’m constantly learning new things and unlearning some old with sights on creating great music.

Canada tends to be labeled by Drake and Justin Bieber, but there is so much beneath the surface that has yet to be discovered and TOBi is one of those artists that I feel will be making strides. In 2016, he released an EP titled, ‘FYI’ and has since dropped five singles including his latest, “January December.”

TOBi and JP Saxe are worth keeping an eye on — repping Canadian r&b talent!