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Craig Clemens

January 09, 2015

The next wave of female artists out of the UK is becoming a tsunami very, very quickly. I could name, Laurel, FKA Twigs, or rapper/MC Kate Tempest (all favorites here at Playback) as examples – but if you’re truly looking for the future, look no farther than Liverpool’s own 18 year old artist/producer Låpsley, now represented by mega-label XL.

Utilizing perfectly her fine-tuned vocal styling and her inherent knack for creating complimentary sonic spaces that extenuates the way that her music pulls at your ‘feels’, her first major-label release Understudy will make you cry. That’s probably the best way to put it. Melancholy doesn’t even start to describe her ‘swoony, dreamy, gauze-smothered wisps of smog-flavoured sad-pop’ (as so aptly described in the 405).

There’s a lot of potential with Låpsley and this album is a great representation of that. Given the right opportunity (and I think she’s got it with XL) she’ll be able to realize her genius sooner rather than later and become a leading force of that next tsunami of British female artist/producers that’s about to lap up on our shores.