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For when you’re feeling social


Craig Clemens

December 19, 2014

Okay – I know you’re probably not going to be listening to British chill-wave while you’re decorating the tree this weekend but this might be the best traveling music you’ll get all year.

Me? I usually don’t listen to music in transit (I’m a podcast guy when I’m on the road) mostly because I’m listening to music at work and making music at home, I need a break when ‘in transit’. The Holy Water EP, the newest from ‘London’s Last Sweetheart’ Laurel may as well be an auditory break for ears and mind.

Using her amazingly sultry way of just soothing her way through the ambient chill-wave production she takes the problems of mumbling or being non-committal to her lyrics, suffered by her contemporaries Lana Del Rey, Banks, or Lorde, and delivers her lines with conviction.

This record reminds me more of classical music than it does to low-key female-lead electronica. It’s something to get you through a customs line at the airport, a cold and windy bus shelter, or a wet and clogged highway.

So turn off the Bing Crosby for 20 minutes this weekend and let yourself forget about Christmas for a little bit.