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Isabel Ross

July 09, 2020

Welcome to RX Music’s Genre Breakdown. Here at RXM, we are obsessed with curating a diverse set of playlists and musical experiences for our clients and subscribers to choose from. This series is designed to provide a brief overview of some of our more specific genre sets. They each include a brief historical overview and highlight important artists and albums that make up the genre.



It’s patio season! And due to a certain global pandemic, which shall remain unnamed, outdoor patios are in this year, which is just fine by us. And lucky for you, the sun is shining, and the RX Music programming team has come up with a list of delightful tracks called RXM Patio Jams that will pair perfectly with a margarita. While listening to genres like Country, Pop, Indie, and Oldies, please take some advice from The Strokes and don’t make too many Bad Decisions while drinking alfresco.  


A Brief History of Outdoor Dining

While the idea of having food and drinks on a patio in the summertime seems unquestionable today, outdoor dining hasn’t always been a viable option in North America. Cities in Europe, such as Paris, paved the way for sidewalk cafes around the world until the 1950s when New York decided to warm up to the idea. Yorkville’s counter-culture era pushed Canada to follow suit in the 1960s (see: Genre Breakdown | Coffeehouse for more on that). At the time of that boom, the patio count in Toronto was in the double digits. Fast forward sixty years, and the city now boasts upwards of 700 patios. Joining the likes of New York and San Francisco, certain streets have even been opened up for pedestrian traffic only, signalling even more fresh air in the metropolis’s future. First thing’s first, though: Let’s dive into the ambiance, the atmosphere- the music.  


Paris did cafés before they were cool.



Nothing, and I mean nothing, accompanies an ice-cold beer on the patio like Country music. Originating in the Sizzling South over a century ago, Country and summer go together like an old Ford 50 and a long dirt road. Steering clear of any buzzkill love ballads, we’ve added easy, breezy listening artists like Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Cole Swindell to provide feel-good party vibes and upbeat hooks that just make you want to order another whiskey, stomp your boots, and square dance the night away (in your socially distanced seat, of course).  


Luke Bryan is just asking you to sing along! Photo Source: Luke Bryan Facebook


Pop & Dance 

The hottest summer anthems from the 21st century finally have a home on RXM’s Patio Jams list. From tracks you may have forgotten you love (Summer – Calvin Harris) to tunes you think you may never be able to forget (RosesSAINt JHN), these beats will keep everyone sippin’ and groovin’. Fresh yet familiar pop melodies from Dua Lipa and Harry Styles provide a sleek soundtrack to sip your sangria while beats by Diplo and Loud Luxury act as the perfect background for enjoying a few brews, whether it’s with your bros, besties or all your buds. 


One of the unquestionable songs of Summer, ROSES by SAINt JHN is impossible not to bop to (let’s keep our shirts buttoned on the patio though, k?)



We all need a break from the well-known hits sometimes. And besides, what’s a summer list without some classic California surf vibes? What’s ice cream without a cone? Sandals without socks (okay, that one is highly debatable…)? This is why we’ve incorporated hazy Indie Rock artists including Best Coast, Mt. Joy, Wallows, and Hazel English for a dreamy, oceanside feel (even in the middle of a concrete jungle). If you’re feeling a more lively atmosphere, no fear! We’ve got Indie Pop gems from the early 2000s onwards to tickle your fancy. Tracks from Phoenix, MGMT, Capital Cities, The 1975 and The Kooks throw some fuel on our hipster-dance-party fire.  


Surf’s up! Hazel English is constantly serving beach vibes. Photo Source: Julie Juarez


Classic Oldies

In the spirit of the season, the Summer of ‘69 is still going strong on RXM Patio Jams. Classic Rock and Retro Hits round out this list. We’re blasting the tracks even Grandma knows! Tunes like Fleetwood Mac’s You Make Loving
Fun to UB40’s Red Red Wine, will take you on a trip down memory lane to summers past. We’ll Rumble back to 1958 with Link Wray, Take It Easy with The Eagles in the 70s, and party with Prince like its 1999. All the nostalgia will have you too busy reminiscing to notice the blistering heatwave. 


Link Wray is the Godfather of Surf and Rock in general. He redefined the power chord as we know it today. Photo Source: Nostalgia Central


And that concludes our breakdown of RXM Patio Jams! We hope you love it as much as we do, and remember to stay cool, quenched and socially distanced!


If you’re an RX Music subscriber, you can find our Patio Jams playlist by searching “RXM Patio Jams”. 

Or, you can check out a sampler playlist on Spotify below: