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Laura MacInnes-Rae

July 15, 2021

WTF is an NFT you ask? Why, a non-fungible token of course! And how do you make 69 million off of selling one? Lions and tigers and bears and bull markets oh my! It started with CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties; if we merge the finance and art world, we’re learning to navigate assigning value to intangible art and music. We’re also learning that streaming may not be answer the industry was looking for. Are NFT’s a bandwagon only tech and crypto savvy artists can jump onto or will this transform the game as a new revenue stream? 2020 imposed a lot of strain on artists’ livelihoods because it took away shows— NFT’s might be the road to follow to in order to bounce back and create in a completely uncensored network, the possibilities are endless.

To understand more about NFT opportunities in the music industry and the crypto world, we spoke to Bjorn Niclas (CEO & Co-founder of ROCKI app), Raine Maida (Chief Product Officer of S!NG app, frontman of Our Lady Peace) and David Canellis (cryptojournalist and Director of News Programming at Protos Media).