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Laura MacInnes-Rae

March 25, 2021

Tell us you listen to our podcast without telling us, you listen to our podcast…The people have spoken– if you’re an emerging musician, TikTok is the place to be. Let’s not forget where we started, we’ve progressed a long way since 45’s and CDs! As old mediums (and old wax), wax and wane, new consumption models have revolutionized the music business. By 2021, we’ve graduated to the sleek land of streaming; granted even this intangible format will continue to shift and change as our habits do. We can’t deny the connection between the songs that go viral on TikTok and the songs that appear to climb the charts. TikTok is restructuring the landscape for emerging musicians and content creators. Even the definition of ‘success’ in the industry is up for reconsideration. So let’s dive in, to the world of TikTok, to hear some of the success artists and content creators have felt through the aid of this platform. In our discussions, you’ll be hearing from the voices of the President of Linus Entertainment (True North Records) Geoff Kulawick, Canadian pop sensation JESSIA, seasoned content creator Devo and Canadian indie folk artist Wayley.