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Laura MacInnes-Rae

November 02, 2020

Led Zeppelin, Katy Perry, it seems no one is safe from copyright infringement lawsuits. Where does ownership begin and end in the inexhaustible battle of music licensing? Its philosophically impossible to prove you’ve never heard a song beforeNo one can prove that in the span of your life, said song had never entered your conscious or subconscious brain. Behind closed doors, releasing as well as utilizing existing music, can be a bit of a minefield. Why is this lack of understanding, the universal understanding? What resources are out there so content creators and musicians can create without getting burned? We sat down (virtually) with the movers (experts) who fight this system every day and the shakers, who are challenging it. Join us in our conversations with the host of The Stock Music Licensing Podcast and respective guru Daniel Carrizalez, entertainment lawyer Andreas Kilogiannideslawyer/musician and co-creator of the Allthemusicproject Damien Riehl and CEO and co-founder of Epidemic Sound Oscar Hoglund.