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Laura MacInnes-Rae

March 17, 2020

Prior to the digital age, concerts were promoted purely by word of mouth and physical flyers. Introducing The Flyer Vault: 150 Years of Toronto Concert History, co-authored by Daniel Tate and Rob BowmanHaving spent years as a promoter in Toronto, Daniel Tate earned a collection of flyers documenting shows across a variety of genres. Rediscovering his flyer collection launched the ambitious mission alongside Bowman, to illustrate a thorough explanation of the diverse musical landscape that is Toronto.

Today co-author Rob Bowman joined me in the studio to underscore some of the key movements that took place in the Toronto live music scene. Bowman is the quintessential example of a music enthusiast. His undeniable passion led him to pursue music inside and outside of his career. He is an ethnomusicologist and Grammy award-winning producer. His ethnomusicology background effortlessly lends itself to transport us from 1850 when artists were travelling by stagecoach, to the booming 1970’s music scene in Yorkville, to how two promoters “changed the cultural landscape” of Toronto.