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Ben Birchard

September 09, 2016

Wilco are now the wily, older veterans of the Indie scene. Honestly, I’ve lost most sense of what Indie even means anymore, but it still makes me think of Wilco. They’ve released their 12th studio album today called Schmilco.

It’s a mostly acoustic record, and if you’ve been waiting for a bit of a return to the melancholy strumming on Being There, then you should definitely give this album a listen. There’s a sad-thoughts-happy-music kind of feel sprinkled throughout the 12 tracks that will wash over long time fans quite easily. Front man Jeff Tweedy sings “I had a hole in my heart/I had accompanied me/It kept me holding from rolling/Someone in the something like me/Something like me you don’t want to be” on “Cry All Day”, and if it weren’t for the upbeat shuffle of the the song, you just might.

A lot of Schmilco follows that trend, with “Common Sense” being the notable exception. The tension in the guitars gives you a feeling of the song crawling over your skin, it would fit nicely in the soundtrack of an American Horror Story episode.

For my money, it’s a much more accessible turn than 2015’s Star Wars, and maybe their most since 2004’s A Ghost Is Born. Here’s hoping there is more from the Indie Vets down the road.

Check out “Cry All Day” below: