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Andre Grant

June 21, 2016

Who the hell is Dagny? And why is she so catchy?

I’ll admit…I had no idea who or what a “Dagny” was while on my last adventure through YouTube looking for new music. And of course nothing in particular stood out when I clicked on the video for “Backbeat” other than the cute face in the thumbnail.

At only about 170,000 views (at the time I’m writing this review) I really wasn’t expecting anything more than maybe a semi-decent song with semi-decent video. Little did I know, I would have attributed about 100 more views to the view count. “Backbeat” immediately made it’s way onto my radar. Not only as one of the catchiest songs I’ve heard since Kieza’s “Hideaway”, and not as the potential dance song of the summer, but to watch out for its Norwegian lead singer Dagny Sandvik.

To almost everyone, it’ll seem as if she appeared out of thin air. But, with a little digging around you’ll find some of her work dating back as far as four years ago. Some of it being different from this, but it looks like she’s found her comfort spot in her music. Check out the VERY catchy video for “Backbeat” down below.