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Craig Clemens

February 13, 2014

Nicki Minaj

People are saying she’s back – that implies that she never left. Sure, the American Idol judging panel is not universally known for being a hot-bed of ingenuity and class when it comes to pushing the barriers of pop music, but the numbers from the last 4 years don’t lie for Minaj. One of the best selling singles of all time with “Super-Bass” and the first female artist to have 7 (count ’em) Billboard Top 100 singles in 2010, “Starships” peaked at number 5 but still was one of the top grossing tracks of 2012, and as of the end of 2013 Minaj has sold over 5 million albums globally. Very impressive.

Minaj has always had a bit of an edge when it comes to the female rap-game and audiences everywhere have ate it up. With the help of the production team at Young Money/Cash Money she’s not necessarily been pushing limits when it comes to lyrical content, but the bubblegum “femme fatale” attitude and image have certainly brought her to the front-burner (if not the forefront) of popular culture.

Ahead of Young Money’s compilation Rise of an Empire in March, Minaj has released the video for her contribution, “Lookin Ass Ni**as”.

Reminiscent of MIA’s video last year “Bad Girls”, Minaj’s offering is a lot darker than her previous videos. Where normally Minaj would be most likely found writhing on a beach showing off her … *cough*…. assets, in this track she directly addresses her objectification and her supposed “porn-ification” of popular music.

No one is really on the fence about Nicki Minaj – it’s really a love or hate relationship. So, as always, listen for yourself and if it’s your thing, it’s your thing.

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