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Andre Grant

August 19, 2016

Usher can still make em’ say Uhhhh…

Damn, this song is addictive…There’s “no limit” to how many times I’ve played this track already. See what I did there? Usher brings us all back to the basics of R&B with this amazing track off of his latest upcoming album “Flawed” featuring (the forever finding himself in my playlist) Young Thug.

But let me tell how much I love the concept of this video….which is basically almost nothing at all. We all know who Usher is. We all know he’s loaded. We all know he has women who would murder a person just to smell his cologne. But most importantly, what he’s done and accomplished in the music industry. And that’s what’s so amazing about this video. Although he’s telling “her” that there’s no limit to what he can afford, we don’t see any of it. No women, no cars, no money falling from the ceiling. Just what made Usher as famous as he is today, his amazing dancing, choreography, and smooth vocals.

Check out the sweet dance moves, and catchy tune below.