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Dan Gassner

November 02, 2015

As their first North American tour wrapped up last week, Tricot left their fans in the west something to chew on with the video for their new song “Pork Ginger” before heading home. Anyone familiar with the band will notice from the first bar of the song that Tricot’s sound continues to evolve, as this is possibly their most spacey sounding song yet. While they tend to use a much cleaner tone on their guitars and bass on most tracks, “Pork Ginger” is full of delay and flanger, but doesn’t venture too far from the formula that has made Tricot so popular.

The video for “Pork Ginger” also proves that a genre that sounds as serious as Math Rock can be silly and fun too. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “There just aren’t enough gymnastics vaulting training montage videos out there!” then this one’s for you. Motoko “Motifour” Kida channels her inner Mr. Miyagi and shows us that with a bit of discipline, training, proper diet, and magical golden tracksuits that let you jump higher than you’ve ever jumped before, anything is possible!

There’s no word yet on an official release date for the song, but with the release of the video, a single can’t be too far off. Keep an eye on their Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.