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Andre Grant

September 04, 2015

The Phantoms are about to go “full shane” with the latest Walking Dead teaser.

Most people like me, LOST THEIR F**KING MINDS when we saw the latest teaser trailer for “Walking Dead Season 6” during the season premiere of “Fear The Walking Dead” as it featured the shadows of each cast member lighting into each other seamlessly. It was…simply perfect. Even better for the steadily growing popularity for indie rock band The Phantoms, with their track “We Carry On” featuring Amy Stoup.

Their name may not be familiar, but chances are you’ve heard their music during the commercial break of your favorite show. Companies, video games and television shows like T-Mobile, Microsoft, Lowes, Dragon Age & Elementary have been using their singles for quite some time now. But, this my friend…this is the big one.

Check out their lyric video for “We Carry On” and the teaser trailer for “The Walking Dead” below:


Official Lyric Video:

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 6 Teaser Trailer: