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Andre Grant

November 02, 2015

The name’s Bond…Etta Bond, and she’s far from boring

You know me. When it comes to music videos, I like em’ outside the box. So, when I stumbled upon the video for “Boring Bitches” by Etta Bond featuring Raf Riley & Lady Leshurr, I had to dig deeper.

Okay, so here’s what happened. I’m a huge fan of Reuben Dangoor, the director of one of the craziest pieces of visual art I’ve ever seen “Butter’s Theme” by Diplo and was watching this video on Vimeo. I decided to look up some of the director’s other projects and discovered a new favorite female artist almost immediately. The name Etta Bond may not ring any bells in your head, but she’s been making awesome music for well over 5 years now. Born and raised in Cambridge and now residing in London, Etta released the EP alongside Raf Riley titled “Emergency Room” back in 2012 and gained major support from Diplo, Professor Greene and many others.

So, If you’re into deep bass, a little dub step, can fancy an English accent and want to laugh your ass off, watch this video right now.