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Jonathan Knox

March 03, 2016

Never a band to shy away from having some fun, the Foo Fighters have reminded us that they are “not breaking up and nobody’s going fucking solo”.

The Foos had recently (March 2) posted on their twitter that an “Official band announcement” was coming. That of course kicked off a flurry of rumours ranging from the band breaking up, to Dave Grohl going solo, or (and which seemed the most likely) that the band was embarking on an “indefinite hiatus”.

A montage of these rumours (accompanied by spooky music) can be seen right off the top of the 7 minute video the Foos released as their “Official announcement”.

After the montage is shown of what was expected to go down (as well as a red carpet clip taken from earlier this year of drummer Taylor Hawkins acknowledging that the band does need a break), super-producer (& former Nirvana / Foo producer) Butch Vig is seen sitting down w Grohl encouraging him to go solo after having “mesmerized the whole room” with his performance at the recent Academy Awards.

Dave goes on to try his hand at cool and hip “just takes one finger” music, while the band is left wondering who will front the band now that Dave is gone. While Dave is seen (ahem) working on his solo career, the rest of the band share some strong brainstorming, which leads them to jamming with a new frontman. Pretty exciting stuff.

The video ends by showing a statement from the band: “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up and nobody’s going fucking solo.”

Check out the video for yourself below and try not to think of some of those suggested singers fronting a Dave-less Foo Fighters.