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Jonathan Knox

February 25, 2016

In their latest music video, The Dead Weather have all been captured and are behind bars aboard a train for their piano driven song, “Impossible Winner”. The powerful and pleading track closes last year’s great, Dodge and Burn album.

The mildly nightmare-ish clip sees the band held as prisoners, on a train car full of intimidating characters. Somehow singer Allison Mosshart manages to sing through it, while guitarist Dean Fertita intensely pounds the piano. Jack White keeps busy at a typewriter (even growing at extra arm and leg at some points), while bassist Jack Lawrence is just stuck looking scared and worried.

The song is great though and the video (co-directed by vet Sophie Muller and Ross McDowell), as usual for a Jack White project, looks retro and sharp.

Check it out below, and if you haven’t already, pick up Dodge and Burn, via Third Man Records.

In other Jack White news, it was announced (see below) that the Third Man Records patriarch will be appearing on the season finale of the Muppets TV show, March 1st. The news was announced on the Third Man Records Instagram page.

And you thought it wouldn’t get better than the Animal / Dave Grohl drum-off!