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Tony Young

October 19, 2015

Do you remember when your mom or granny got you a pair of socks for Christmas? Ahhhh,.. Thanks!…never to be worn unless attending an event you didn’t wanna attend. Well sock fashion has clearly arrived from Stance Socks. The sock fashionistas have dominated the sock market exclusively over the past few years.

If you’re still wearing white tube socks that’s OK, Stance will hip you up when you’re pants move above your ankle. Dwayne Wade has has own personal sock line, celebrity investors like Jay-Z, Will Smith, and recently announced Rihanna, who will be their celebrity creative director with her own sock line. For all you NBA fans every player will be wearing Stance socks this season and they’re projected to sell more than 12 million pairs of socks this year.

Stance was successful with their Muhammad Ali tribute sock and Big Daddy Kane.  Now they’ve immortalized the Notorious Big, Cam’ron and The Diplomats on our left and right feet. Hip Hops pink endorser Cam’rons socks are pink with his ‘pinked out’ profile pic on the side. The red, white and blue Diplomatic line, which take after the symbolism of the Dipset compilation album, ‘Diplomatic Immunity’. Biggie’s socks — both classic images. The first is him rocking the vibrant Coogi sweater and black Versace shades, and the other is his cover of Rap Pages, with the crown resting comfortably atop his head.

Well now you’ve got some cool Xmas shopping items to work with, that not only look cool, but make you a cool gift purchaser.

Cam’ron – Stance Socks

Notorious B.I.G. – Stance Socks

The Diplomats – Stance Socks