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Andre Grant

December 04, 2015

Sorry…I’m not sorry. The new Rick Ross and Chris Brown joint is a good listen.

I have to admit that Rick Ross’ newest single “Sorry” hits a small place in my music snob brain where it’s pretty enjoyable. Whether you enjoy his music or not, Ricky Rosay is definitely at the top of the food chain in the rap game and it’s refreshing to see him humble himself on such an emotional track.

“Sorry” the second single off his latest album “Black Market” hits home for me with the feature of a forever emotional Chris Brown which adds more to the track with every listen. I can’t really imagine me liking the song as much without Chris’ “heart on his sleeve” lyrics and vocals.

Produced by legend Scott Storch, it’s definitely a throwback to mid 2000’s when hip-hop was most enjoyable for me personally and for sure has that sound; maybe that’s why I have such an attachment to this song.

Watch the sexy, revenge filled video below starring Rick Ross, Chris Brown , Rick’s fiancé Lira Galore and the gorgeous Zelia Milan: