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Jonathan Knox

January 07, 2016

Remember 90s Canadian Alt-Rock bro-band (which actually was 2 sets of brothers), Age of Electric? If you do, you’ll likely recall seeing their music videos on the “nation’s music station”. Their tracks “Ugly” and “Remote Control” were their best known songs. As goes the life of a band though, they split up (although did reunite this past year for a one-off gig) and went their separate ways. Ryan and Kurt Dahle started Limblifter (who also scored some CanCon hits) and Todd and John Kerns went on to form Static in Stereo.

Unfortunately that’s where fans likely dropped off.

Ryan Dahle continued making music, most recently as part of the indie supergroup Mounties (which includes Hawksley Workman and Steve Bays) while brother Kurt Dahle went onto another indie supergroup, The New Pornographers (which he actually left in 2014).

While John Kerns has been relatively silent (aside from that reunion show), it’s been his brother, and AOE frontman Todd Kerns that’s gotten deeper into the world of rock by way of Las Vegas and Slash. Yes THAT Slash. For the past several years, Todd has been having what’s sure to be an unreal experience playing bass in Slash’s band as well with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, in which Slash also plays.

The pair have understandably become good friends (“bros” in fact), so when news of the “semi-reunion” of Guns N’ Roses at Coachella came to light, Todd had something to say about it. In a blog posted on his website yesterday titled, “The Worst Kept Secret in Rock N Roll”, Todd shares some of his feelings about seeing Slash go back to his original band.

Todd writes, “For a long time now we Conspirators have been personally made aware that the regrouping of one of the most important brotherhoods in music history was underway. That thing that everyone had wished for but never thought possible was quietly (and not so quietly) cooking under our very noses. To be in this close of proximity to a history of Rock N Roll moment occurring has been nothing short of incredible.”

He continues by writing of his unwavering support for Slash and his bandmates.

“As Slash’s bro I think this is a very exciting and important chapter for him to embark on. I support him wholeheartedly to dive into this experience but as his friend I would support him if he decided to walk away from music and live amongst Buddhist monks in Nepal. That’s what bros do. How it affects me really isn’t the point. This thing is bigger than all of us. I think it is a healthy thing for the individuals involved as well as the great gift they are giving to the world. I accept that gift thankfully.”

What Todd Kerns does next we’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime, check out the full blog post on his website right here and check out Todd and Slash performing a tribute to recently deceased Rock God Lemmy below.