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Craig Clemens

April 06, 2015

To accompany Sam Griesemer’s new LP =Here, My Dear, he has released a series of videos meant as an accompaniment to the theme of love, heartbreak, and “an exercise in the holistic experience of meeting, infatuation, relating and dissolving.”

Premiering at the good ship Stereogum the videos were shot by Daniel Pappas, who also helped Sam Griesemer out with this other project DJ Dodger Stadium, by shooting scenes featuring dinner dates with his girlfriend Natalie Love.

The most recent and final installments shows Love breaking down into tears over some Chinese food, and although the whole thing may seem a little over-cooked (excuse the pun) it’s more powerful than expected.

From an interview Stereogum did with Griesemer, “Each video was entirely unscripted and filmed on Dan’s phone as a single continuous take. We filmed on a phone instead of a pro camera mostly because no one is going to bust you for not a having a permit that way, but also because it allowed for the background and locations to really come to life. I like these videos because everything going on in them is real. There was no set or crew or sound guy standing off camera. Just a real couple out in real places in the city.”

Check out the entire series from beginning to end, right here :

(1) Baby Don’t Stop

(2) You Come For Me

(3) What Can I Do