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For when you’re feeling social


Sarah Nazim

September 21, 2017

Our parent company, RXMusic, is the global leader in bringing music to the masses. By offering background music solutions to businesses around the world we have some of the best minds in the industry working every day to curate the best songs for our clients. In this series we’re going to feature music selected by some of these expert music programmers!


Music Programmer: Chad Courneya

Artist Selected: Gavin Turek

Song Selected: The Distance

Chad’s thoughts on the track…

This song just came out on her most recent EP, Good Look For You. The track settles right in-between r&b, funk and pop for the perfect mixture of soul and spunk. Gavin Turek who sings backup for Mayer Hawthorne in his soul funk group, Tuxedo is a future funk diva legend!

Unfamiliar, but pleasing to everyone’s ears, it works for a dinner/late night lounge setting. It has a dim lit vibe –eloquent and soulful. Not too high in energy, but groovy enough to dance to if you wanted. That’s what you’re looking for in that type of setting. I added this one across a selection of my high-end dining clients for that very reason and the feedback has been nothing but positive.

Listen to “The Distance” below.