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Matt Lipson

January 21, 2020

Toronto dream-rock band Luna Li, fronted and led by self-described “local moon fairy” Hannah Bussiere, continues to gain momentum on the city’s indie scene following a glowing and possibly career-making 2019. Headlining Exclaim! ‘s January 18 installment of the Class of 2020 series at the Monarch Tavern, the group have undoubtedly established themselves as an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with.

Flanked by backup vocalists Charise Aragoza and Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok, who weaved textured supporting loops, as well as bassist Hallie Switzer and drummer Braden Sauder, Bussiere navigated the evening’s packed, young attendees with confidence and charisma. Classically trained with overtones of garage rock and punk, Bussiere alternated between two weapons of choice, a white Fender Jaguar and violin, displaying a prowess and sound uniquely her own.


Luna Li, image by Matthew Lipson


There’s no doubting Luna Li’s effortless cool, Bussiere donning a mulletted pixie cut and high-waisted checkered pants while entrancing a decidedly charged audience of early-twenties followers. The band followed suit, producing electronic tapestries, warm countermelodies, and fluid basslines in support of Bussiere’s creative identity.

With a growing repertoire of notable appearances including a set at MattyFest, a supporting role for Hollerado at the Danforth Music Hall, events by Royal Mountain Records and now Exclaim!, Luna Li is primed to receive more widespread attention with a potentially forthcoming 2020 release. Bussiere and company made a convincing case for their place on the list of Toronto artists to watch in the year ahead, bringing with them an established following and a distinguished brand of ethereal punk.


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