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Craig Clemens

September 11, 2015

On This Day…

1956 – Police were called to the Trocadero Cinema in London, England to break up a crowd of rowdy teenagers following the showing of the film “Rock Around The Clock.” The next day, The Times printed a letter that said, “The hypnotic rhythm and the wild gestures have a maddening effect on a rhythm loving age group and the result of its impact is the relaxing of all self control.” Thus the film was banned in several English cities.

1964 – The London Evening News reported that 16-year old Laurie Yarham had won a Mick Jagger look-a-like competition. Laurie looked like Mick Jagger and had seemed to know his every action, to the delight of the audience at the Greenwich Town Hall. That was, until ‘Laurie’ turned out to be Mick Jagger’s younger brother Chris Jagger.

1967 – With no script, and no real idea of what was supposed to be accomplished, The Beatles began filming ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ without even a set direction as to where the bus was supposed to go. The ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ set off for the West Country in England stopping for the night in Teignmouth, Devon where hundreds of fans greeted The Beatles at their hotel.

1970 – Jimi Hendrix gave, unbeknownst to him, the last interview of his life to NME’s Keith Allston as he died 7 days later. During the interview, Hendrix spoke about a new musical phase, with planned collaborations with Miles Davis and Paul McCartney.

2001 – Walking to work in New York (as an comic book illustrator) Gerard Way witnessed the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. The day’s events inspired him to start a band, which became My Chemical Romance with Way becoming their lead singer.


New Music

Petite Noir | La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful
The debut from half-Congolese, half-Angolan, South African-based Petite Noir (born; Yannick Ilunga) is oozing with musical confidence. He calls this kind of bold approach “Noirwave” a sort of ‘new African aesthetic’ – that beyond a movement, represents a new sort of freedom. Drawing on a wide array of influences, Ilunga’s musical strength comes from a background in post-punk, nu wave, disco and indie – all of which is evident within this incredibly versatile LP.

Low | Ones and Sixes
Twisting an irresistable blend of new shapes into their already abundant strengths, it can be argued that Ones and Sixes is Lows most satisfying LP to date. From slowcore and sparseness, to post-punk, and sadrock.