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Craig Clemens

October 30, 2015

On This Day…

1967 – Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones admitted in court to possession of cannabis and allowing his flat to be used for the smoking of the drug. His plea of ‘not guilty’ to the charge of possessing methedrine and cocaine was accepted. Jones was sentenced to nine months in Wormwood Scrubs prison. He was released on bail the following day.

1970 – Jim Morrison of The Doors was fined and sentenced to six months in jail after being found guilty of exposing himself during a gig in Miami.

1990 – Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose was released on $10,000 bail, after being arrested for allegedly hitting a neighbour over the head with a bottle. The incident happened after a complaint to the police about loud music coming from the singer’s house.

2002 – Jam Master Jay from Run-DMC was murdered by an assassin’s single bullet at his recording studio in Queens, New York.


EL VY | Return to the Moon
The National’s front man Matt Berninger and friend Brent Knopf have stepped forward with this debut releasing garnering rave reviews from all over. While strutting through these songs like a drunken adult running through his old suburban neighborhood, Berninger finds a cinematic voice through the various textures of his jaunty percussion and keyboards. Chic and intelligent – the whole thing feels like a hazy, dirty Wes Anderson film.

Sports | All of Something
Minimalist, hard and fun as hell, the Ohio-based five-piece Sports released an incredibly upbeat and honest rock record. Carmen Perry, the band’s lead singer, adds sincerity to a cacophony of driving guitars and very minimalist production values. Inventive but raw, this record is an absolute blast.

Beach Slang | The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us
If you were to look at the people around him in the Philly-punk scene right now you’d expect that singer-guiarist James Alex Snyder was, you know, a 20-something just making record. Nah – he’s almost twice the age of his contemporaries now, and still making records that remind me how loud my headphones can get. The debut LP from this new group featuring ex-Nona bassist Ed McNulty and former Ex-Friends dummer JP Flexner shows how self-aware Snyder is, and instead of getting desperate with his last go-around, he seems to have released a record that screams that he’s still too young to die.