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Craig Clemens

October 16, 2015

On This Day…

1951 – 18 year old Richard Penniman, who was already using the stage name Little Richard made his first recordings for RCA Camden at the studios of Atlanta radio station WGST.

1967 – Folk singer Joan Baez was arrested, along with 123 others, for blocking the entrance to an Armed Forces Induction Center in Oakland, California.

2001 – Two security guards were fired after refusing to allow Bob Dylan into his own concert. Dylan who had demanded that security on his ‘Love and Theft’ tour should be tighter than ever didn’t have a pass when he arrived backstage.

2006 – CBGB, the legendary New York punk club credited with discovering Patti Smith and Ramones, closed after a final gig by Smith herself. Blondie and Talking Heads also found fame after performing at the club, which helped launch US punk music. The venue first opened in December 1973, its full name CBGB OMFUG standing for “country, bluegrass, blues and other music for uplifting gormandizers”


Neon Indian | VEGA INTL. Night School
16-bit synths combine with a much higher production value, the third offering from Neon Indian combines the unadulterated joy of the first two LP’s and polished it up. Still feeling chaotic, Palomo has captured a big, wide feeling under one disco tarp.

Track list:
Hit Parade
Street Level
The Glitzy Hive
Dear Skorpio Magazine
Slumlord’s Re-lease
Techno Clique
Baby’s Eyes
C’est la vie (Say the Casualties!)
61 Cygni Ave
News From the Sun (Live Bootleg)

Deerhunter | Fading Frontier
Experimental rock is a tricky thing. And it’s pretty amazing how Deerhunter has managed to take something usually reserved for critics and nerds and catch a wide variety of music fans into their net. Instead of going for the intellect, Fading Frontier goes for the emotions. Some will be upset that it may sound a little too commercial, but it doesn’t feel purposeful, it feels almost straightforward and unpretentious.

Track list:
All the Same
Living My Life
Duplex Planet
Take Care
Leather and Wood
Ad Astra

Majical Cloudz | Are You Alone?
This isn’t the most exciting ground of the bunch, and Majical Cloudz get a fair amount of flack for it. But in their own reserved way these are very abrasive tracks. Not in a upfront, in-your-face kind of way, but in a more blunt and no-guff sort of way. They’ve kept their sound intact but presented a more aggressive tone, without losing what made their previous works so successful.

Track list:
Are You Alone?
So Blue
Silver Car Crash
If You’re Lonely
Easier Said Than Done
Game Show
Call On Me