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Craig Clemens

October 14, 2014

Fun fact: it’s a mere 11 Friday’s until Christmas! Let that one sink in for a minute and enjoy the new music for this week.


Foxygen | …And Star Power

The highly anticipated follow up to last years We Are 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic this new one from Foxygen starts off with the single and works it’s way through 3 different phases: 1) the single, exactly what you expect from Foxygen, 2) Star Power Suite, a sort of new-age acid trip meets a long-lost rock opera, 3) a full deconstruction of all the sounds that the band had just introduced, noise rock and country-folk with throwbacks to earlier in the record. This record is more of an “out of body experience” than their previous record which was more of a straight up hippie record.



Jessie Ware | Tough Love

Relying on the intimacy that was largely missing from her debut record, the new one from Jesse Ware, for the majority of the time, is a collection of tracks that is a reflection of a musician at the top of her game. The confidence of knowing the power of her own voice is completely evident in this record, no longer buried behind a symphony of electronics, Jessie’s voice is finally at the forefront, which makes this record enthralling and very personal at times. Adele may have to be looking in her mirrors for the crown of biggest female AC act out there – she’s now got some steep competition.



Pharmakon | Bestial Burden

Review for this one was best described by Tamlin Magee of the 405: “Pharmakon, aka Margaret Chardiet, has utilised dense, distorted kick drums to pound and punctuate at various tempos throughout. They are slow and steady, militant, martial, rousing, and complemented by decaying feedback and grinding synths. The thumping pauses occasionally, leading into quieter, differently-threatening intermissions. Some tracks go by without vocals at all and others play out as a vehicle for Chardiet’s caustic screaming, putting almost anything that’s been in Terrorizer for the past five years to shame.