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Craig Clemens

November 04, 2014

Horror movies are getting old, the sugar high from Halloween is turning into a low November grey, “blurred lines and grey flecks blended with paper”. It’s a pretty dull time of year, can’t get around it, just gotta embrace it. Here’s what’s new this week!


Les Sins | Michael

Using the pseudonym Les Sins, the North Carolina native most commonly known as Toro Y Moi, has released the music of his alter-ego. I don’t really think that Toro Y Moi (aka Chad Bundick) could have seriously released this under his original moniker – completely leaving the chillwave sound that he’s become known for, Les Sins shows a more open and fun version of the brooding synth-pop Bundick has mastered. It’s a dance record. And although it’s not unheard of for ‘Still Sound’ to get worked into the middle of a DJ set, this one takes the dance vibe into really interesting places by taking risks all the while focusing on concentrated production and catchy grooves.



Arca | Xen

Are you a fan of easy to comprehend and radio friendly hip-hop and R&B? Do you like your music to placate to what you already know and like? Well then, you will absolutely despise this record. There is literally nothing on here that is doing anything but pushing the boundaries of what we know and understand R&B and hip-hop to be. Arca, the 24 year old Venezuelan producer/DJ now based out of London, fresh off of his collaborations with Kanye West and FKA Twigs has dropped something that, well, challenges even the most hardened musician and critic to understand what exactly is going on here. The whole album (even some songs) taken as a whole is difficult to comprehend, but if you look at the individual parts and how they’re constructed you end up looking at something weird and wonderful. Playing with sound, time, key, and moods, Arca creates a 3D sonic landscape that’s stimulating and warm.



Deerhoof | La Isla Bonita

No surprises here from Deerhoof – La Isla Bonita is as obscure and irreverent as possible. Over the course of the record the listener is taken on a journey of spontaneous, edgy, noise-pop. It’s great! Love Deerhoof? You’ll love this record.