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Craig Clemens

March 04, 2015

…and it begins! Spring is just around the corner and 2015 is finally getting off the ground when it comes to huge, anticipated releases. Let’s see what’s on tap!

Moon Duo | Shadow of the Sun
There’s a brewery in town that has the marketing slogan of, “Do One Thing, Really, Really Well”. That could apply directly to the sound of San Franciscan psyche-rockers Moon Duo. The way that these two exceptionally explore the edges of their own brand of psych-blues is incredible and propels the listener forward onto the next track effortlessly.

Vessels | Dilate
Relying on their overwhelming sense of surgically crafting sounds, Vessels makes to attempt to bring people to the dance floor. More accurately, this record attempts a to take a sort of post-modern look at the hybrid of rock and electronic music. This is a strong record through and through, but nothing like you’d expect.

Tuxedo | Self-titled
I’ve been personally waiting on this record for quite some time. Ever since a fairly anonymous SoundCloud upload shortly after the release of Mayer Hawhtorne’s Where Does This Door Go?, questions abounded as to what exactly was going on with this new sideproject Tuxedo. Eventually, pressure grew, or time became availible to Hawthorne and collaborator Jake One, and they created one of the funnest R&B records I’ve heard in a very, very long time.