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Craig Clemens

June 23, 2015

On This Day…

1970 – Chubby Checker was arrested in Niagara Falls after local police found marijuana and ‘other drugs’ in his car.

1975 – During the Vancouver stop of his ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ tour. Alice Cooper fell off the stage and broke 6 ribs.

1990 – Kept in a tooled leather case that Buddy Holly made himself, the rock ‘n’ roll legend’s Gibson acoustic guitar sold for $237,419 in a Sotheby’s auction.

2003 – Diana Ross appearing in court to fight charges of impaired driving after blowing 0.2 (well over the 0.08 limit). She said, “If I didn’t take the breath tests, I was either going to go to the hospital or to jail”. Following the proceedings Ross asked the judge if it was possible to have court documents changed to her married name of Diana Naess. The City Magistrate said he thought it was “a little late” for that now.


Brand Spanking New Music

Leon Bridges | Coming Home
Welcome to 1960, Leon Bridges will be your guide. Straining nostalgic yet still remaining fresh and current this blatantly retro act feels less like a mask Bridges is donning and more like a professional entertainer adding his own soul and heartache to a style that has long since passed us by.

Kacey Musgraves | Pageant Material
This might be the first non-Johnny Cash-reissued country album I’ve actually enjoyed since The Wood Brothers’ Ways Not To Lose, and when it started getting positive reviews it raised my level of skepticism. But then I listened to it – the record is rebellious, lush, old-fashioned, traditional, and completely organic. This is not your classic sorority-girl-Budweiser country music, This is barely even pop music, this might actually classify as real country music.

Wolf Alice | My Love Is Cool
This record is not some amazing tour de force of sonic mastery, but what Wolf Alice does deliver is a completely genre-defying debut that, although turns down the fury from their earlier releases, illustrates the pop savvy and inventive nature of the group with a versatility that is only reflect through the talent of the group itself.