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Craig Clemens

July 08, 2014


Holy Moley! It’s release day again! So let’s get into it! It’s a bit of an odd one today – instead of full records we have 3 different singles dropping and making a huge buzz about albums yet to come!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Asteroids Galaxy Tour – My Club

After gaining world-wide fame via their “live” performance on a Heineken commercial a few years back, the Danish Quintet Asteroids Galaxy Tour kinda dropped off the map a little bit. That was until last week sometime when they shared the lead single from their upcoming record. In My Club The upbeat, big band-ish, lounge-pop of their past has given away to a flashier sound, but the fun-loving attitude of the delivery remains the same.


Death From Above 1979 (kinda pictured above) dispel all rumors of a new album by RELEASING A NEW TRACK AND ANNOUNCING A NEW ALBUM!!

If you can tell me a better way of getting rid of a rumor by just saying, yeah, it’s true, I’ll eat my shirt! Especially since this is the best way for this rumor to end – the Toronto-based, dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979 have after 10 years announced that their sophomore release is set to drop on September 9th…. wow…. better late than never, right?! Oh yeah, and it sounds like they haven’t changed a bit!!


Alt J – Left Hand Free

The always creative yet always innovative Alt J have released the lead single of what appears to be a new album on the horizon. Although official word has yet to come from the band or label as of yet, it’s pretty obvious that the English, new-wave three-piece have another full length on the way. Can’t wait!