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Craig Clemens

July 03, 2014



Ooooo boy! The weather is hot, people are taking day-cations, vacations, stay-cations… every kind of ‘cation under the bright old sun. Summer is officially upon us, so here are the first round of great releases for the month of July!


Trey Sonz | Trigga

Relishing his own playboy status, Treg Songz shows in his 6th studio album that he’s far past doing anything for anything beyond his own pleasure. Not caring (even about his own contradictions) is a sort of enduring feature of this record – AllMusic put it well when they noticed “the album’s second line is “I’m taken but I want you.” Yet it’s less a matter when he also cleverly disputes the logic of the dumbest idiom (“You can’t have your cake and eat it”) with a falsetto flick of “But ain’t that what you supposed to do?” while exploiting its metaphorical flexibility to an R. Kellian level”.

Overall it’s a decent record. Teaming up with DJ Mustard on one of the better slow-jams on this record was defiantly a good move, and although he added the forever nasally Justin Beiber on the remix of the pre-album hit Foreign, it doesn’t really matter cause again, Trey really doesn’t care.


Old Crow Medicine Show (pictured) | Remedy

It’s real easy to get past what Old Crow are, and have been doing leading up and including this their 9th studio record. When you see Remedy pop up on the list of new records, the reaction usually is like: “oh, that’ll be good”! Then you forget about it till a couple months down the road when someone round the campfire starts picking “Sweet Amarillo” (their most recent collaboration with Bob Dylan) and you wonder why it was you never listened to that record when it first came out.

One’s relationship with OCMS is complicated, even if their music isn’t. There are tear-jerkers and boot-stompers, and good ol’-fashioned stories told through song. It’s exactly what OCMS is – nothing more, nothing less.


Katerine | Magnum

I’m not going to lie – I have a soft spot for crazy-uncle types who are completely crazy and for some unbeknownst reason make wonky disco-pop. Maybe that makes me crazy? Maybe I’m the only sane one? Who knows. Regardless, this album is awesome. When I found it in the New Releases section yesterday I immediately sent it around to my coworkers and we all agree this. guy. is. the. man!