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Craig Clemens

July 15, 2014

It’s an almost all girl edition of Release Day today (the only exception being instrumentalist Charles Watson of Slow Club). Regardless, it’s a good week to release music – so having already devoted a whole post to ‘Weird Al’ yesterday, let’s take a look at what’s new today!


Anna Calvi | Strange Weather

While exploring the darker side of her own person, Anna Calvi has always shied away from the light summery pop world populated by her contemporaries. Although the timbre of her sound shares the same quality of those of a less serious subject matter, Calvi’s lyrical content is brooding indeed. This five-track EP of covers and favorite songs may not necessarily highlight this contrast, but when delving into her own delivery one can find the pain where she actually writes from, especially in the track ‘Ghost Rider’ by Suicide. However, here’s one of the lighter selections that features David Byrne.


Slow Club (pictured) | Complete Surrender

The album as a whole may have had a few duds in it. But what album doesn’t? Really?

musicOMH stated that, “Complete Surrender is pretty much the perfect adult pop album” and although I’m not quite ready to give it that kind of distinction I would agree that the form of the “three-minute pop song” does get it’s fair workout in this record – and Slow Club does not shy away from what is possible from within these boundaries.


Honeyblood | Self-titled

I have this sneaking suspicion that we’ll be hearing from this Connecticut-based duo for a while. Teaming up with The National’s producer Peter Katis, Honeyblood has released their self-titled debut to amazing critical acclaim. These two spew vitriol and their garage-rock sound completely compliments the message of going after everybody who have ever wronged them. This record is a mess. A beautiful mess.

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