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Craig Clemens

March 11, 2016

On This Day..

1970 – Winners at this year’s Grammy awards included Joe South for song of the year with ‘Games People Play’, Crosby Stills and Nash won best new artist, and The Fifth Dimension won Record of the year with ‘Aquarius / Let The Sun Shine In.’

1996 – Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker walked free from Kensington police station after police failed to charge him with any criminal offense following his ‘stage invasion’, during Michael Jackson’s performance at the Brit Awards on 19th February 1996.

2005 – The front door of Ozzy Osbourne’s childhood home in Birmingham went up for sale because the current owner was fed up with fans defacing it. Ali Mubarrat, who now owned the house in Lodge Road, Aston, said over the years it had become a pilgrimage destination. He was now auctioning the door on eBay and giving the money to charity.

2009 – Heavy metal group Iron Maiden’s tour manager criticized people who were arrested for trying to gatecrash a concert in Bogota. Colombian police arrested more than 100 people after stones were thrown hours before the group were due to perform. In a statement posted on the band’s website, Rod Smallwood said: “We abhor the inane behavior of a small minority of people outside.” Riot police fired tear gas canisters at those who tried to enter the concert without tickets.

2015 – A jury in the United States ruled that the writers of ‘Blurred Lines’, copied a Marvin Gaye track. Jurors in Los Angeles decided that the 2013 single by Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke breached the copyright of Gaye’s 1977 hit ‘Got To Give It Up’. The family of the late soul singer were awarded $7.3m (£4.8m) in damages. Thicke and Williams denied copying the hit, and their lawyer said the ruling set a “horrible precedent”.


Brand New Music

Into It. Over it. | Standards
If you spend enough time trying to push the boundaries of “what emo is” in 2016, eventually you’re going to find something that redefines the sound. There’s been plenty of ink spilled about the sort of emo-revivalism happening in rock music in the last few years – but this new one from Into It. certainly matches 2016 more than than it matches 2006. When it comes to creativity, imagination, passion – this LP is on par with anything labeled emo, or not.

MMOTHS | Luneworks
A truly unique voice in the Indie-Electronic scene, MMOTHS brings forth an excellent full LP of what can only be described as night music. An amazingly naked offering of backward synths and delicate, mournful vocals Luneworks sighs and purrs yet still tosses and turns restlessly throughout.

AURORA | All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend
Living in a sort of European dream world full of crazy hyper-fantasized realism, 18-year old AURORA croons of wolves, blood, dreams, fairies, etc.. in her debut LP All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend. AURORA is a prototypical 21st century teenager whereas she is still dealing with the same existential and emotional issues that has plagued high schoolers since the beginning of time, she speaks to a fantastical world which exists only in the few inches between her ears. The music brought forth here is just it’s representation – even if it could also be found in the episodes of a fantasy TV show or novel.