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Craig Clemens

May 05, 2015

On This Day…

1963 – Known as the man who turned down the Beatles, Dick Rowe – Head of A&R at Decca records – took the advice of George Harrison and went to go see the Rolling Stones play at the Crawdaddy Club, London. The group was signed to Decca before the end of the week.

1983 – Completing a total turnaround in branding and marketing, The Stranglers, who had just years before been just as notorious as the Sex Pistols for their “punk sensibilities”, had their single “Golden Brown” named the most performed work of 1982. This came after the comparatively conservative BBC Radio Two had made it ‘single of the week’.

1997 – Oasis’ management company Ignition sent emails to over 100 Oasis unofficial fan websites threatening legal action over alleged breach of copyright.

2002 – Disc jockeys Rick Lewis and Michael Floorwax from Denver’s KRFX-FM stopped a live radio interview with Ted Nugent after he made derogatory racial remarks regarding Asains and Blacks – the station received dozens of complaints. These kind of public remarks would not be the last from Nugent.


Brand new music

My Morning Jacket | The Waterfall
There’s good news and bad news with this record. Bad news is that My Morning Jacket have still not completely captured the energy this band emits at live shows onto a record. Good news is that MMJ have remained funny, epic, weird, and wonderful. My Morning Jacket LP’s range from good to great and which ones those are is up to personal opinion – more good news is that The Waterfall falls into one of those categories.

Metz | Metz II
If you’re the type that enjoys buying new speakers every time you listen to a certain record, this new LP from Metz might be a new one to add to that particular rotation. Heavier, darker and more harder hitting than their debut Metz, this Canadian math/grunge/angsty rock group has made an incredibly appealing art-piece of the feeling of social anxiety.

Hop Along | Painted Shut
Bands like Hop Along and albums like Painted Shut deserve to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Although those early to the party sometimes like to keep the enjoyment to themselves, which is an insanely selfish thing to think especially after this new record is so good, it’s impossible to keep away from “the masses” anymore. This album is the welcoming of Hop Along’s creative force Frances Quinlan as one of the most sincere musical voice out there right now. Ingenuity and skill in songwriting is limitless in Painted Shut and that is just too much not to be ignored.