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Craig Clemens

April 14, 2015

On This Day…

1967 – In a battle with 2,000-strong fans, police in Warsaw used tear gas to subdue Rolling Stone fanatics at Warsaw’s Palace of Culture as the group made their first appearance east of the iron curtain.

1976 – Motown Records resigns Stevie Wonder for a staggering $13 million, the largest contract of it’s kind at the time.

2001 – Sean Puffy Combs (aka P. Diddy), was arrested by the Miami-Dade Police for riding a scooter on a suspended license in South Beach. He was released 20 minutes later after signing a “promise to appear in court”.

2013 – Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam and caused outrage when he signed the guestbook with, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Born on this day was Ritchie Blackmore (1945) of Deep Purple, Tony Burrows (1942) of Edison Lighthouse, and Country-Western superstar Loretta Lynn (1932)


Brand Spanking New Music

Tyler, The Creator | Cherry Bomb
The irreverent Tyler, the Creator has done that thing that we love him for. Mind you, if you’re unfamiliar with either 2013’s Wolf, 2011’s Goblin, or the 2009 online-only debut LP Bastard, you might want to go back and start from the beginning. To the casual listener this whole thing may sound like a miss-mash of random idiosyncrasies and fuzzy sounds. However, to those who are familiar, you’d expect it. Of course, there’s the almost humurous, soulful, sounds that seem to break the tension just at the right moments of the record; the single ‘Fucking Young’ is a perfect example of this.

Calexico | Edge Of The Sun
Years, and years, and years of playing, touring, and busting their butts, and still not a really classic album to speak of from Calexico. Put elegantly by Aaron Lavery at Drowned In Sound, “They’re a lot like a burrito, and not just because they blur the cultural lines between America and Mexico – a Calexico album can often be hearty and satisfying, contain some sublime moments, but overall lack that extra spark to make it truly special”.

Stealing Sheep | Not Real
The second full offering from Stealing Sheep has them hitting their stride in that mushy-middle between Synth-Pop and straight up regular Pop – think Hot Chip. A far cry from their folk-rock rootsy feel, this record is a warm, drunken summers night that just destroys you with hooks from beginning to end.